Overview Picture
Examples: Self-Driving Car and Image Clustering
Integrated Test Environment
Syntax Highlighting
Visualization (Ports with Names)
Visualization (Ports without Names)
Visualization (only Components)
Quality Reports
CI Testing Output in Reports
Car Simulator (Top View)
Car Simulator (Front View)
Car Simulator (Side View)
Overview Video of EmbeddedMontiArcStudio
Download EmbeddedMontiArcStudio

Installer for Windows 64-bit
  • 3D-Driver Simulator inclusive Physic Engine
  • IDE with Outline, Syntax Highlighting and Parser Error Messages
  • Optimized native C++ Generator and Compiler Supporting SIMD and GPU
  • Automatic graphical layout inclusive three different Abstraction Levels for Textual Component and Connector Models
  • Automatic Test Environment for Component Black Box Testing
  • Component Quality Analysis inclusive Report Output
  • Two complete examples: Autopilot model for self-driving cars and Cluster model to cluster images for object detection
  • Model Explorer with over 1'500 example EmbeddedMontiArc models

Language Highlights:
  • Textual Language for Component and Connector Models
  • Port Types are strongly typed with complete Unit support, e.g. (0 km/h : 0.1 km/h : 250 km/h) means that the type accepts the values from 0 kilometer per hour up to 250 kilometer per hour in steps of 0.1 kilometer per hour.
  • Port and Component Arrays (no need for copying elements several times as in Simulink)
  • Generic Components similar to Java's template generics (easy reuseability of components)
  • Vector-based connectors (e.g. connect filter[:].output -> filteredOutput[:] connects from all filter instances the corresponding output ports to all filteredOutput ports of the current instance)
  • Behavior of Atomic Components can be modeled in a typed version of Matlab. No matrix dimension mismatches during runtime - it will be verified during compile time!
  • Matrices can be typed with algebraic properties, e.g. diag Q^{10, 10} mat creates a diagonal 10x10 matrix with the name mat.